CrossFit Strength Bias is Crossfit but with a bias....... Obviously strength bias. CrossFit strength bias is a program that is aimed at those CrossFitters among us that may not be as strong as some other CrossFitters. CrossFit Strength Bias is by design targeting those people who would like to lift a bit more to perhaps get on the road to doing the regular CrossFit workouts as prescribded (rx'd).

Many people hesitate at starting CrossFit because they are not fit enough or not strong enough. They want to do the weight as rx'd or not at all. They want to throw CrossFit away, perhaps do a few months on "Starting Strength" then come back to CrossFit. Mean while their metcon fitness goes out the door. They come back can do a metcon workout as rx'd except they are totally gassed. WELCOME CrossFit Strength Bias!!!

Strength Bias is a program that by design allows for maximal progression of your basic lifts however at the same time you will not lose your overall general fitness. By following a cycle of CrossFit Strength Bias (6 weeks) you will be stronger and closer to lifting those prescribed weights and smashing your own records on the heavy lifts all the while maintaining your metcon (cardiovascular/muscle endurance) fitness.

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